Writing a screenplay in one week: Day Two

The goal is ten pages per day. I could go over obviously, but a minimum of 10 pages per day which will let me deliver a 90 page screenplay in about a week.

Granted I'd like to have more than 90 pages, but 90 pages is feature length and that's what they've asked for.

Pages 10-20 were a bit harder than I had anticipated. Actually they weren't "hard", I just couldn't find a groove to write them. I knew what I wanted the scenes to consist of and I knew what the characters needed to do, I just couldn't write more than a few words before browsing YouTube or watching more episodes of Generation Kill.

But I got there. Around 11pm I got to page 21.

One of my favorite aspects about writing is what you discover as you're writing. Quentin Tarantino once commented about the Hans Landa character in Inglorious Basterds being a linguist savant. That never occurred to him while outlining or thinking about the character - it only came to him when he was writing the scenes.

I assume this happens to every writer, but it's one of the things I love about writing and one of the things I'm never able to capture during the treatment, or outline or synopsis part of development.

Anyway, learned a lot about these characters in the 10 pages I wrote. Hopefully it resonates and hopefully it sticks.

I'm not a big fan of the script yet, but I think it's getting there.


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