Writing a screenplay in one week: Day Three

Pages 20-30.

Still keeping pace. 10 pages per day.

I already realize I'm about 5-10 pages too long right now.  But it's a bad idea to start going back when writing the first draft because if you keep editing what you're writing you'll never finish.

Draft One is a sprint. Get it down on paper as fast as possible with at least some coherence. I realized I was getting better at this when my first drafts sucked less and less.

I've run out of episodes of Generation Kill to procrastinate with.

I was hoping to come in at around 90 pages just to give the minimum length screenplay given the time frame. Right now I think I'll come in long. 110-120. At least the first draft. Ideally I like to hit 105-110 or less.

Anything less than 100 and some people think you're not trying. Anything over 110 and it seems a bit long. As someone who despises reading screenplays, if I see a script is 90 pages I'm thrilled. I think most producers are like me. They don't like to read them either. It's a chore. Granted sometimes you get a real gem but about 98.2% of the time it's awful. I know. I've written plenty of awful scripts.

Anyway, draft one is 1/3 of the way done.


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