I'm sorry to say, but the Noteslate is bullshit

I'm sad to admit it, but the noteslate is complete bullshit.  It's vaporware or hypeware.  It's a PSD, not a product.

And that really fucking sucks.


Because the noteslate is everything I hoped the iPad would be, but wasn't.  I don't even use my iPad anymore.  It sits in my bag waiting for me to come up with a reason to use it.  Granted, for reading books it's wonderful and I prefer it over the Kindle, but for a "post pc" device - it is not.  I mean, you have to activate the thing with a PC - how is that post-pc?  I digress.

Back to the bullshit noteslate.

I was hoping it was real.  I was excited, I was enthused, I was ready to line up.

But it's all bullshit.

How do I know it's bullshit?

Read their Facebook posts.  Read the actual copy on the website.  Not to sound xenophobic, but a device with this much "promise" and "potential" - I would assume they'd be able to hire a team of copywriters who could write proper fucking English.

The only other device which got me as excited as this was the Microsoft Courier - which promptly was cancelled (thought I doubt it ever went beyond a creative demo).  Seriously, how bad ass would this have been?

I really hope I'm wrong about this, and the noteslate is going to work exactly as stated, and that it will turn out to be the device I've truly been waiting for.

But I'm not wrong.

Noteslate is bullshit.


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