Friday, October 12, 2012

I Can't Trust What's On Romney's Website and Why I'm Voting for Obama

At some point over the summer I thought to myself that whoever wins the election, I think either candidate would make a good president. I think Obama has been a good president. Not great. Weak at times. Almost gullible to the bi-partisan chimes of House Republicans who don't vote for anything he wants even if they do. But he's been a good president.

  • Saved the United States from a depression. Look at what austerity did to Europe.
  • Saved the auto industry.
  • Got Bin Laden. I know he wasn't on the damn blackhawk with DEVGRU pulling the trigger but he ordered the mission. Even the SEALs were amazed he ordered that mission. They still don't like him but he earned their respect.
  • Obamacare. Yes, it's a big fucking deal.
  • Overturned Don't ask Don't tell. 
For the vast majority, you are better off than you were in January 2009. I sure am. My 401k doubled. I was gainfully employed then and I am gainfully employed now. I make more money now. I have more in savings. I have a nicer car. I have nicer things. Was this all due to Obama's policy? Hardly. I happen to work in an industry in demand right now: software development. For all I know under an Obama second term or a Romney first term that demand could dry up and I'd be up shits creek. But for the last four years things have been good for me.

But I understand how Obama could lose. He sucks at selling his accomplishments and sucks at debating. He's way too egghead. He needs that Bill Clinton sensibility which he sorely lacks. But either way, my point is this:

Knowing that Romney has a very good chance at winning now, I wanted to know what his position on  stem cell research is.

I was about to go to his website, and search for it and I stopped dead in my tracks and thought "It doesn't even matter."

Frontline on PBS aired a special this past week called "The Choice" which outlined both Romney and Obama from birth to challenger/incumbent. Romney as a flip flopper is pretty much been dissected already. You'll notice that Team Obama didn't run the "Romney is a flip flopper campaign", they ran the "Romney is a plutocrat vulture capitalist who doesn't give a shit about you" campaign. Why did they do that? Because if you call him a flip flopper people will expect him to flip. You saw the first debate? That wasn't the same guy who showed up in the primary debates. Former Romney aides and reporters talked about his market sensibilities  In 2008 he saw an opening to the right of McCain and now suddenly he's a conservative. When runnning in Massachusetts he was a moderate. So what's my problem with that?

I can't fuckin go to the guys website and read what his stance on something is because he might fucking change it next week.

Yes all politicians flip flop from time to time. Obama suddenly came out for gay marriage though I think all of secretly felt he was for it but just couldn't say it publicly until it wasn't going to hurt him in the polls.

But on core value shit like abortion, I have no idea what Mitt is going to think next year or next month. I can't go to his website four weeks before the election and confidently view what his stance on federal fundin for stem cell research is.

That sucks. It really does. I think Mitt Romney is a severely intelligent, successful and bright human being who would most likely make a good president. But then again, I have no fucking clue what he truly stands for because he'll change his opinions based upon whomever he is speaking to.

Am I just native to think this isn't standard practice for all politicians? Probably. But it just irked the shit out of me just now that there was no point in going to his website to read his position when he can just etch-a-sketch the entire thing tomorrow and say "Oh that's not my plan."

So why am I voting for Obama?

In 2004 I had the same problem with Kerry and as the saying goes: "The devil I know beats the devil I don't."