Sunday, August 28, 2011

I lost 14 pounds on the Four Hour Body - Slow Carb Diet in three weeks

I had no intention of keeping a weekly, or daily journal about my slow carb diet results. There's plenty of them out there and you'll find a plethora of results - some good some bad.

Prior to starting the diet, my weight fluctuated between 168-173lbs for the past several years. I'm a 5'8 male and I turn 32 tomorrow.

I weighed 145lbs up until 2004 when I quit smoking for the first time and immediately gained 30lbs in two months. I shed some of that weight and have since hovered in the mid to upper 160s and occasionally tipping into the low 170s.

Three weeks ago I started on the slow carb diet.

I basically eat 3-4 hard boiled eggs in the morning, (without the yolk) with ice water and I eat Chipotle for lunch and dinner. I typically skip the beans and go for extra steak or chicken. I cut out sugar in my coffee (which I didn't think was possible) and I eat almost no bread. I eat no rice and no potatoes. If I don't go to Chipotle, I'll typically order double burgers from McDonald's and just eat the meat - I typically order three - so that's six patties. I'll usually eat some of the bun, but not much at all.

On the monday morning I started this diet, prior to eating my first hard boiled egg, I weighed 173lbs.

As of yesterday morning (before my binge day started), I weighed 159.2lbs.

That's 14lbs in three weeks. As of this morning, after my binge day, I jumped back up to 162.

I didn't take any before pictures and I don't think I look that much thinner. I know my gut has shrank considerably, and my pants are a bit more loose (though all my jeans are typically bigger as that's just how I wear them).

I did cheat a few times at a ball game (lots of hot dogs with buns, lots of beer). But I haven't strayed too far from the diet.

I never really tried dieting before, other than counting calories and that led to no loss what so ever.

What I think makes this diet work for me is the binge day. Allowing yourself to go all out and eat whatever you want one day a week works perfectly. I don't go too overboard, but I do indulge in donuts, sugar in my coffee, skittles, bread, rice, french fries, and all the goodies I deprive myself of for six days.

I have no idea if I'm losing fat, or losing muscle mass as I didn't take any prior measurements, but the scale read 159.2 yesterday. I haven't weighed less than 160lbs in almost seven years. So that was kinda cool to see.

I also take a multi vitamin every morning (VitaCraves gummies - delicious).

Anyway, just some food for thought. I imagine cutting out sugar in my coffee alone helped immensely as I would get two large coffees every day (in the morning and late afternoon) with extra cream and extra sugar.

So does this diet work? It has for me at least. My goal weight is 155, which I will probably reach within two to three weeks.

After that...I'll let you know.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Marshall Mathers LP is making me feel old

One of my favorite albums of all time, and probably one of the greatest hip hop albums ever released was "The Marshall Mathers LP". Released in 2000.

For some reason I thought about it the other day and came to a stunning realization.

The Marshall Mathers LP is as old today, as Straight Outta Compton was when The Marshall Mathers LP came out.

Make sense?

I feel old.