Here is a list of all my spec screenplays.

The Evolution of a Gen-X Music Purchaser - Short
All the significant moments over the last twenty years in Zack's life parallel the changing landscape of music purchasing technology.
World Premiered at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival

Compatibility - 2015 Nicholl Fellowship Quarterfinalist
(formerly titled "The Love Algorithm")

To impress a young journalist, a Facebook programmer leaks an app which accurately predicts two people's chances of falling in love. Its sudden release to every user's profile leads to unintended consequences.
GenreDrama, Romance, Technology
Feature length screenplay

Dead Peasants

A troubled veteran falls back into his criminal past when his sister is found murdered.
Genre: Crime. Mob. Thriller.
Feature length screenplay

Guns of Redemption : Written by Brian Marchetti & Jack Marchetti
Redemption proves elusive for a drifter forced to confront his violent past after a notorious outlaw murders a preacher and kidnaps a young woman. 
Feature length screenplay

Host : Written by Brian Marchetti & Jack Marchetti
While witnessing the zombie apocalypse unfold on television, small town residents race to save a dying boy which brings them to places where only the sick and the desperate remain.
Genre: Horror. Zombie.

Feature length screenplay

Jack: In a Box
A group of twenty somethings struggle with relationships, apathy, moving cars, and the elusive goal of finding something better to do.
GenreComedy. Coming of Age
Half Hour TV Series or Web Series

25 To Life
After the death of his best friend and collaborator, a rap star falls into a prescription-drugged depression, grappling with paranoia, and mounting desperation.
GenreUrban, Hip-Hop, Music, Drama
Feature length screenplay

All I Want For Christmas : Written by Robert Friedman and Jack Marchetti
A café owner on the brink of losing his business at home on Christmas; a lonely woman with a crush on him and meager job prospects; her isolated friend with several mostly-non-relationships; and a lonely psychiatrist, find their lives intertwining and coming together at the hands of Santa Claus.

Genre: Family. Holiday. Christmas, Rom-Com
Feature length screenplay

My Dad's Valentine : Written by Brian Marchetti & Jack Marchetti
A widower's daughter and best friend make a fake dating profile to find him a romantic partner.

Genre: Family. Rom-Com
Feature length screenplay

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