Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Four of a Kind Kickstarter Campaign

I'm not sure when, but at some point in time recently I decided to shoot one of my feature length screenplays.

Actually what happened was; my buddy Dan who works in the industry suggested shooting a short film for an upcoming film festival. I decided to take my favorite script, condense it so fifteen minutes, and use it as like an extended trailer. As I wrote those 18 pages I was reminded of how much I liked the script and how I was almost able to showcase the full theme in just 18 pages.

Was this script ever meant to be a feature? I started to wonder if it was always meant to be a short?

I got over that pretty quickly and realized I had about five years of producer and creative notes baked into a story that I think was really solid at one point - it just completely got away from me over the years as I took notes from several people - often times notes that completely contradicted each other.

So once I learned about what Kickstarter was I decided that it was about time to try and shoot this script myself.

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